Why Pre-Order?

We launched our first pre-order for our Fall/Winter collection -22, as a test. Because we wanted to find an even more sustainable way to produce our products, everyone told us that it wouldn't work -customers want what they buy immediately. What happened? You proved them wrong.

We have 100% fallen in love into using this made-to-order system when we first launch a new collection because it helps us to:

  • Not overproduce.
  • Make an even more exclusive, high quality product.
  • We see immediately what products you love, making it easy for us to source material.

A huge bonus during these times when a lot of brands are struggling (we are no exception), is that our pre-order system keeps our stocks low & our expenses at a manageable level.

With that said -We are so freaking happy and thankful that you are willing to wait the time it takes for us to cut, sew & finish your order.