Our work

In October 2021 the idea of a company that would be something different in an industry stuck in its own habits was born.

With a sustainability-first mindset we offer non-seasonal kids garments and accessories made in a small scale production on the coast of Finland. We also offer a small collection of circular pieces made from locally sourced second hand textiles. All our pieces are handmade with a lot of love, thought and respect for the children who wear them, the planet we live on and the materials we use. Due to our high standards it can sometimes take months to find the right material -we always look for a specific feeling or texture in our textiles. All of our patterns are hand drawn and graded by our pattern constructor, and then adjusted throughout the design and sewing process to ensure the best possible fit.


We go to great lengths to source materials that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Most of our materials are dead stock fabrics (produced and stocked in Europe) or second hand (locally) sourced, that way we use what's already existing rather than going through the process of manufacturing new materials for our sake. When we use newly produced, as well as our dead stock materials, we want them to be manufactured in Europe and certified with preferably both Oeko-tex and GOTS. The respect for the supply chain and the people in it is one of the most important things for us.

Further on we have a philosophy that we want to keep everything as local as possible -something that takes a lot of work in an industry where outsourcing is rather a standard than the exception.
Our labels that we carefully sew into each piece are all manufactured in Finland, just as our embroidered patches and the print on our t-shirts. We make what we can locally here in Finland. 

Zero Waste.

We have a zero waste policy, meaning that we think before we consume. We recycle everything we can, from paper to plastic and textiles to zippers.
Bigger fabric scraps are used to make pocket linings, details on other pieces (plackets, pockets, collars etc), hair bows and headwear. Smaller scraps are used as filling for yoga-bolsters (currently only for sale from the Laiska Ebba Factory in Tammisaari).
To save packaging material, we don’t use hang tags on our products and we have skipped the use of packing slips in each order since they are available digitally.

Packing material.

We love to keep everything as close as possible and our packing materials aren't an exception.
Everything from our boxes to stickers to the tape we seal every single order with are made from up-cycled or recycled materials, kind to nature, from Finland, in Finland.

Laiska Ebba Factory

Located in Tammisaari, Finland. By making all of our products locally in our own little factory we have shortened our supply and production chain drastically. We are in full control from beginning to end with every single piece, which also gives us a lot of room and possibilities to have a direct impact on our own production.
This little space of ours that we call our Factory isn’t just a factory, but also a creative space where we invite our customers, locals and people with a curiosity for our brand to see what we do and how we do it.

Our Certifications


We are proud to be awarded with the Finnish key flag symbol. This mark weighs heavily in a time where outsourcing is the standard rather than the exception, and is a token of the high standard in our sustainability-first production.Sustainability to us means more than ethical sourcing and durability of our garments. By keeping our production local and using Finnish suppliers to the longest extent possible, we create job opportunities in Finland and contribute to a sustainable Finnish economy beyond our own operations.


Laiska Ebba is born and based in Tammisaari, Finland. We pay close attention to our design process and strive to create products that children and parents alike love. Through our attention to detail and sustainability, our customers can enjoy fun and timeless pieces that are durable, easy to care for and most importantly - made to last a child’s curious mind and play.
We proudly carry the Design in Finland-mark as a token of our dedication to creating a Finnish brand that is truly inspired by the kids that use our products. Responsible business conduct and transparency are key components throughout our entire supply chain. Our design process contributes to supporting Finnish jobs and local competence and craftsmanship.